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Caring for your Aquariums

Aquariums are miniature eco-systems with waste products being broken down by living bacteria which serve as biological filtration. These good bacteria need water flow and oxygen, just like the fish to thrive.


There are many types of filters to choose from, see our article about fish tank filter types. These include canisters that sit in the tank, hang-on-the back (HOB) that sit outside the tank, trickle filters that sit on top of the tank and others such as skimmers, chemical filters and UV filters. Filters that trap particulate waste are mechanical filters. Filters that remove dissolved organic material use activated carbon and are considered chemical filters.

A good filtration system will address biological, mechanical and chemical processes and keep your water safe for its inhabitants.

Why keep fish - become an aquarist?

Fish make great pets. They are skimpy eaters, they don't have to be walked, they don't scratch, they don't make noise, and you only have to clean up after them every couple weeks. Once everything is going well in your home aquarium, watching and caring for your fish is a great stress buster.

The lighted tank with the gently bubbling water adds a touch of serenity, as well as a nice natural decor to any room.

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